Valoversum - Our kind of babysitting


Our mission is to offer playful, present and reliable babysitting. Our goal is to make everyday life easier for parents and to improve the overall well-being of children through a concious presence at our own inspiring space.


Valoversum is located close to the city center of Helsinki, near sea in Jätkäsaari. Our cozy space is within easy reach which enables effortless transitions after day care or school, for example. In Valoversum a child has the opportunity to play in a small group.


Parents can drop the children for one to three hours babysitting and in the meantime focus on their own things. Also the youngest ones in the family are welcome to Valoversum while older children have other hobbies.


In Valoversum a child can express themselves and their emotions in  a warm environment. Present adults create a feeling of security and give good base for later growth in life.