Valoversum is childcare service/creative afternoon activity. It is meant for children under 12 years. The "childpark" takes place in our own rooms in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. As a consept Valoversum is so much more than a place: it is a state of mind. Through play, movement and creativity we encourage children to try out new things.


Together we create a safe place for everyone to be themselves. It's very important to us, that a child gets to feel that they're seen, heard and understood. The child's ndivituality, needs, emotions and age are taken into account in everything we do.


In our space we have thought about colours, harmonity, playfulness and Valoversum is not a educational service or day care and it does not offer pedagogical activity.



Bring and pick up your children whenever you want during our opening hours and come to get to know us too!

If you want to make sure that we have space in the group -book in advance.


Obs. At first time, the guardian fills the pre-information form, so make sure you have at least 10 minutes for it. The babysitting will be charged by a bill through e-mail afterwards. 




Group activities       Board games     Songs      Using your voice        


 Music      Art       Drawing       Painting     Playing    Dancing 


Movement    Reading    Relaxing    Stories  Creativity



In line with the moment's emotion

- The service includes babysitters, place, materials, insurance and the acitivity for 3 hours.

- Please bring your own diapers and/or snacks if needed. Our service does not include meals. (There is a fridge but not an opportunity to heat up the food)

- The groups (max. 10 children) fill in the booking order. It is also possible to arrive without booking if there is space in the group.




Valoversum is located near city center of Helsinki, close to sea in Jätkäsaari. In our space we have taken in notice the children, safety, accessibility and air condition. The floor, the walls and other surfaces are also child-friendly. The roof is soundproof and during our activity the curtains are closed for children's safety. We have lot of things to do, art supplies,  boardgames, toys, instruments and books, for example. We take good care of hygiene and enable a safe and reliable experience in Valoversum. We don't offer food but bringing your own snack is accepted. However we hope that children have proper meal before or after Valoversum. We don't have a food-heating possibilities and eating happens separate from other children due to possible allergies.


Please don't arrive sick!



If you want to temporarily rent the space please contact: info@valoversum.fi




We organize bithday parties for childres for 2-4 hours in our space.


We offer:


- Babysitters and different kind of party games for children, for example face painting, treasure hunt, pin the tail on the donkey

- Small birthday food service

- Balloon decorations which can be taken home after party


Please contact us so we can create unforgettable birthday for your child!


info@valoversum.fi / 0505538878



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* Valoversum is a new type of non-educational service